• Five Things You Need to Know Day 26 [10/23]

    Day 26 [10/23]

    1. Not the Target.
      • Kryssie told Shelby not to worry about this week and said that Shelby is not the target even if she is up on the block this week.
    2. Deal Stands.
      • Kryssie promised Whitney that she would be safe this week and Whitney assured Kryssie that their deal would stand.
    3. Nominations Locked.
      • The second safety ceremony took place. Kryssie decided to nominate Scott and Morgan for eviction.
    4. Keep Danielle.
      • Shelby would like to evict everyone from the LNC except for Danielle since it's clear that Danielle is disliked by America.
    5. Irritated Neeley.
      • Danielle complained to Jason that Neeley always seems to irritated around her.