• Five Things You Need to Know Day 28 [10/25]

    Day 28 [10/25]

    1. America's Call.
      • Justin told Whitney that he plans to make it a split vote so that American can decide who is evicted.
    2. Worth the Risk?
      • Morgan worried about breaking trust with both Kryssie and Neeley and then having America vote to keep Neeley.
    3. Whitney Up.
      • Morgan saved herself with the Power of Veto and Kryssie nominated Whitney as the replacement nominee. Whitney, Scott, or Neeley will be evicted.
    4. Will it Work?
      • The BallSmashers discussed their concerns about the upcoming vote. They are worried that the plan may not work and they will hurt their standing in the house for taking the risk of voting out Neeley.
    5. Meltdown Hopes.
      • The BallSmashers discussed the potential meltdown that Kryssie will have if she has to read the eviction card and Neeley is the one evicted.