• Five Things You Need to Know Day 32 [10/29]

    Day 32 [10/29]

    1. Traitors?
      • Jason thinks it is best to keep Scott and Alex off the block because they are the most likely to turn on their own alliance.
    2. Have Nots.
      • Whitney, Justin, and Kryssie were named Have Nots for the Week.
    3. Morgan vs. Shelby.
      • Danielle has changed her plan for the week and now will likely nominate Morgan and Shelby next to one another.
    4. Eliminate Allies.
      • Jason, Kryssie, and Danielle are trying to convince Shelby eliminate some of the girl's votes so that they do no have to pick between friends at the eviction, giving all the voting power to the LNC.
    5. Safety Part 1.
      • Jason, Justin, and Kryssie were named safe at the Saturday night Safety Ceremony.