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    Is there anyway to watch the broadcast shows online? I have tried going to the website and it does not load the broadcast videos.

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    I noticed the videos on the BBCAN website don't load at all on my Chromebook or Android phone, which is a bummer because those are the devices most accessible to me.

    I was able to load up the videos on the website using my Windows 10 PC. In years past, the videos on the BBCAN site have been geographically-restricted (so only those from within Canada can watch them). I didn't even look to see if that was the case this year, but it probably is. So if you're like me watching from the U.S., you'll need to download a VPN add-on as well. I use Hoxx, but Hola is a popular VPN too. That's how I've gotten it to work successfully this year.

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